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Activities of the Society:

Karunya Palliative Rehabilitation Society, Kottila is a non-profit charitable organization which is established in 12th October 2011. The activities of the society have been centered mainly in humanitarian services to the suffering people, especially in palliative care and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. The activities of the society are strictly under the control of the Governing Body consists of 11 members elected by the General Body.

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Our important Services done during last five year:

  • Home care services: Our charitable society have been conducting different types of home care in the form of
    (1)  Volunteer’s home  care
    (2) Nurse’s home care
    (3) Doctor’s home care to the patient suffering from advanced cancer, kidney troubles, Paralysis, Spinal cord disorder, heart disease and diseases due to old age.
    Last year we had 158 patients who were bed-ridden, suffering from advanced cancer and such other diseases including  diseases  due to old age for our Home Care Service. Among them 70 patients were cancer patients. The conditions of cancer patients were un bearable not  only to the patients but to their families also. Our palliative volunteers have been visiting the houses of bedridden patients twice in a week occasionally with nurse and doctor and have been, understanding the problems of patients and helping them to solve their problems to a certain extent.
  • Conduction of Pain and Palliative Clinic: We have been conducting a pain and palliative clinic and distributing free medicines to the patients who are deserving.
  • Distribution of Medicine: Distributed free medicines among poor patients cost at about 1.70 Lakh  rupees during last five years with the help of Several individuals and agencies like Malalbar Gold. Morpheme tablets were given to advanced cancer patients to reduce their unbearable pain.
  • Made available water beds to 40 patients, Air beds to 10 patients, Wheel chairs to 20 patients, walkers to 12 patients, walking stick to 6 old age people and also made available catheter and rice tubes to some patients during last year.
  • During Onam and Ramazan  festivals our society distributed 85 food kits to 85 poor families of patients last year. Medical assistances for 15 patients were also given in a public function inaugurated by Sri. T. V. Rajesh M.L.A, last year.
  • Conduction of Cancer Detection Camps: Two cancer detection camps were conducted on 10th may 2014 and one in the month of August 2015. 280 women were examined in the camps. Cancer awareness classes were also conducted with the help of Dr. Latheesh Kumar. Medical Officer, Malabar Cancer Care Society, Kannur. The camps and awareness classes were very helpful to the women community in the village.
  • Collaborating with some governmental and non governmental agencies following services were made available to the suffering people a) Cancer Pension for 25 patients. b) Financial assistance for 10 patients from Chief Minister of Kerala. c) An amount of Rs. 50,000/- to Smt. Sarada, a poor widow of Laksham Veedu  colony,  Narikode whose husband was dead due to the fall from a coconut tree and an amount of Rs. 25,000/- to one Sri. Gopalakrishnan, kannom who was seriously injured due to fall from tree, from labour department. d) Financial assistance for 12 patients  Rs.10,000/- for each from ‘Aathura mithram Padhathi’ a non-governmental Scheme which was introduced recently by the District Police officers, Kannur.
  • Conduction of palliative volounteer Camps conducted 5 palliative Volunteers training programmes to Palliative Volunteers and N.S.S students of Government HSS, Kottila.
  • A financial support of Rs.50,000/- was made available to Smt. Chappan Safiya. A poor muslim widow whose husband was dead due to cancer and her two daughters are unmarried, to complete the work of her house, with the help of Malabar Charitable Trust, Kozhikode.
  • Our Palliative Volunteers have been directing cancer patients to Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalasseri and to Regional cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram for better treatment.
  • Our Palliative Volunteers have been donating bloods to the patients in different hospitals in emerging cases.
  • Organized some awareness classes against tobacco, drugs and alcohol in G.H.S.S Kottila for the benefit of student community and the public.
  • Our Society has purchased a land of 6 cents for construction of building which will be intending to facilitate accommodation for a ‘Day House’ for the benefit of helpless old age people, a counseling centre for the patient community and others and a pain and Palliative Clinic. A detailed plan and estimate were submitted to the Secretary, Ezhome Grama Panchayath to obtain permission to construct the building for the society.
  • Ambulance Services: Some well wishes of our society have made available a new echo ambulance for the use of our humanitarian Services. Free ambulance service is given to patients who are absolutely destitute.

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Two cancer detection camps were conducted on 10th may 2014 and one in the month of August 2015. 280 women were examined in the camps. Cancer awareness classes were also conducted with the help of Dr. Latheesh....


Conducting different types of Home Care in the form of a) Volunteer Home care b) Nurse Home Care c) Doctor Home care to the people suffering from advance illness like cancer, Kidney troubles, Paralysis....