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Home Care Services

  • Volunteers' Home care
    1. A team of palliative volunteers visit the homes of bed rid dent patients twice in a week and understand the problems of patients and their families and solve the problems to a certain extend.
  • Nurses Home Care with the help of Nurses and Palliative Volunteers
    1. Palliative volunteers with the help of a nurses visit the houses of patients do different types of services like attachment and detachment rice tubes and tubes to pass urine.
    2. Dresses wounds and give directions to the family members of patients to treat them carefully.
  • Helping the Patients with help of Doctors, nurses and Palliative care Volunteers
    1. Palliative volunteers visit the houses of patients with doctors and nurses.
    2. Examine the patients and give free medicines to the poor patients.
    3. Checking B.P, sugar, general health condition etc.,

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Two cancer detection camps were conducted on 10th may 2014 and one in the month of August 2015. 280 women were examined in the camps. Cancer awareness classes were also conducted with the help of Dr. Latheesh....


Conducting different types of Home Care in the form of a) Volunteer Home care b) Nurse Home Care c) Doctor Home care to the people suffering from advance illness like cancer, Kidney troubles, Paralysis....