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Expense FY 16-17

Sl. No Activities Estimated Amount
1 Construction of day house for old aged people Rs 25,00,000 (Including land cost)
2 Home care expenses including Volunteer's home care, Nurse, Home care and Doctor's home care Rs 70,000
3 Conduction of Pain and Palliative Clinic Rs 90,000
4 Treatment support including distribution of free Medicine mainly to Cancer patients, Kidney patients and other patients who are destitute Rs 2,50,000
5 Rehabilitation of people with disabilities Rs 1,00,000
6 Distribution 0f water beds, Wheel Chairs, Walkers etc Rs 95,000
7 Early Cancer Detection camps Rs 40,000
8 Medical camps including awareness classes and palliative volunteer training camps Rs 50,000
9 Distribution of Mod kits of poor families and patients Rs 90,000
Total Rs 32,85,000


Expected Approximate Expenses for the current year 2016-2017

Our Dream Project in future:

Construction of building which will be intending to include accommodation for a ‘Day house’ for the benefit of helpless old age people, a counseling centre for the patients and a pain Palliative clinic. A Phased programme is under consideration as per the financial assistance available from individuals and organizations who donate for charitable purposes. A rough estimate of Rs: 25 Lakhs is expected for the proposed building.

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Two cancer detection camps were conducted on 10th may 2014 and one in the month of August 2015. 280 women were examined in the camps. Cancer awareness classes were also conducted with the help of Dr. Latheesh....


Conducting different types of Home Care in the form of a) Volunteer Home care b) Nurse Home Care c) Doctor Home care to the people suffering from advance illness like cancer, Kidney troubles, Paralysis....